Compact SubstationsCompact Substations (CSS)

CSS is a type tested assembly comprising an enclosure containing Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear, Distribution transformers, Low Voltage (LV) switchboards, connections and auxiliary equipment.

CSS is for energy transformation in secondary distribution network from MV to LV or LV to MV systems.

These substations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public and should ensure protection for all people according to specified service conditions

All CSS components shall be type and routine tested per their relevant product standards

Compact Secondary Substations
Compact Secondary Substations

UniPack CSS - Steel

UniPack CSS- Steel
Jupiter 10W Jupiter 10W
Luna 2C Luna 2C
Mars 8C Mars 8C
Mercury 12C Mercury 12C
Mercury 3C
Pluto 2C Pluto 2C
Pluto 8C Pluto 8C
Pluto 3C Pluto 3C
Terra 6C Terra 6C
Jupiter 16W Jupiter 16W
Mars 5C Mars 5C
Mercury 10C Mercury 10C
Mercury 16N Mercury 16N
Mercury 6C Mercury 6C
Terra 4N Terra 4N
Venus 6C Venus 6C

UniPack CSS - Concrete

UniPack CSS - Concrete
Capella 10W-G Capella 10W-G
Rigel 12W-G Rigel 12W-G
Spica 6N Spica 6N
Spica 8N-4A Spica 8N-4A
Vega 12W-A Vega 12W-A
Capella 12W-DG Capella 12W-DG
Sirius 12W-AD Sirius 12W-AD
Spica 8N-3A Spica 8N-3A
Spica 8N-G Spica 8N-G
Vega 12W-G Vega 12W-G
Compact Secondary Substations
Compact Secondary Substations